[Boatanchors] Test Equipment Available. Anyone Interested?

William Morton w_b_morton at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 9 23:30:35 EST 2013

Hello All,
I was fortunate enough to come across some somewhat vintage equipment that someone out there may find useful.  These  are in reasonably good shape in terms of physical condition, some have scratches in the paint but would clean up without much effort.  The insides are pretty clean as well, although the ones with larger ventilation holes have proportionately more dust.  I have not powered any of them up and cannot vouch for their operating condition.  The non-solid state items are missing at least some or all of their tubes, but are otherwise intact.  No manuals were available, but I imagine there are copies out there somewhere.  These were stored in a basement 'lab' of a retired electrical engineer and most were mounted in an old FAA communications rack.
I will list them one by one:
1.  General Radio Power Amplifier, Type 1233A2.  0.02 Cps - 2 kC Bandpass Filter, Model 330B, Krohn-Hite3.  Hewlett-Packard Test Oscillator, Model 650A4.  General Radio Bridge Oscillator, Type 1330-A, 5 kC - 50 MC.  This looks really pretty.5.  Hewlett-Packard DC Micro-Volt Ammeter, Model 425 AR6.  Polarad, 3.8 - 8.2 GC Signal Generator, Model 1107A7.  Kepco Bipolar Operational Amplifier Supply/Amplifier, AC/DC, -72V - 0 - +72V, -5A - 0 - +5A8.  General Radio, 1003 Standard Signal Generator, 67 kHz - 80 MHz.9.  Lambda Regulated Power Supply, 30V, 35A(?).  (I forgot to write down the exact specs and model number.  This is extremely heavy - I could barely lift it into the van.)
Anyone interested in them?  I will even let you set the price (not free) and I will trust the offers would be reasonable.  I will not ship, but would be willing to meet in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.
Right now these are in my garage waiting for a good home.  While not wanting to pressure anyone, I must say they will wear out their welcome somewhat quickly.  Whatever does not receive at least a modicum of interest will be thoughtfully recycled.  Goodness knows there is a lot of copper in them.
Best Regards,


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