[Boatanchors] How Good is the Hickok 752 (non A) tube tester?

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The Hickok 752 is an exceptional tester. It and the 752A were the core
testers used by the FAA. They may not hold the prestige of the Hickok 539C
(with all its meters and twin power transformers), but they were actually
more advanced. The 752 can test almost any tube built up through the
mid-60's, including the voltage regulator tubes. The main difference between
the 752 and the 752A is that the "A" added additional 9, 10, and 12 pin
sockets for the testing of compactron, decal, and nuvistor tubes. Perhaps
the best feature of the 752s is that they have an additional "Plate 2"
button so that you can test both halves of a twin triode without making
changes to the dial-in tube setup. They also more accurately test any tube
shorts, using the main Gm meter as a ohm-meter to measuring actual leakage
rather than using a short test lamp which must be calibrated. Great tester;
a definite "keeper".

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Subject says it all.  I have one. I've electronically cleaned all
contacts/sockets (non-residue electronic cleaner, the tip applied "Pro Gold"
etc), new rectifier tube (80's series) and wishing comments.  
Regardless, it's a keeper for me here in the shack.  Seems to work well for
me (for guidance) vs 'plug a new tube in'.

tnx es 73 de robert w4rl pensacola

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