[Boatanchors] ARC-5 Literature

Wilson infomet at embarqmail.com
Fri May 30 13:54:36 EDT 2014

I have come into possession of detailed instructions and maintenance literature on the ARC-5 stuff.
Would anyone like to direct me to one or more military sites where I’m likely to get good interest (and a good price)?
It looks like stuff the sserious military collector/user would want, with all the cabling arrangements, schematics, and testing data.
The stuff is:

1.  Handbook of Instructions for SCR-274-N, also BC-696-A,  about a half inch thick

2.  Handbook of Maintenance Instructions for AN/ARC-5 Aircraft Radio Equipment,  Volume 1,  LF  MF  HF  Components,   about 1.125” thick   


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