[Boatanchors] Small Tube-Type FM Transceiver?

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Sat Nov 29 19:27:36 EST 2014

Glen & Robert,

	That old gear isn't easy to find online - hardly a mention on
my first Search.

	The Motorola/military SCR-300/BC-1000 low-vhf rig is neat

David KD4E

> Glen, we called the H models "Railroad Units" as that's where they were
> used originally in service.  I remember some came with the Bakelite
> telephone handsets with a snap-in cradle.  Robert W4RL
> On 11/29/2014 5:15 PM, Glen Zook via Boatanchors wrote:
>> You are looking for something like the Motorola H21A- portable series
>> or D21A- / D31A- mobile series equipment.  Those use miniature tubes
>> except the higher powered mobile units use a 2E24 instant heating
>> version of the 2E26.
>> The "B" versions (i.e. D21BAM) have a solid state receiver and tube
>> type transmitter.
>> There were other units, manufactured by various manufacturers, but the
>> Motorola equipment represented at least 80% of that type of equipment
>> used during the 1950s. Glen, K9STH
>>     I'm looking for something mobile/portable for 10m.
>> Must be all-tube, OK if QRP, FM detector needs to
>> be a true discriminator - not slope-tuned AM.
>> OK if close to 10m but needing mods.
>> Space-charge (12v plate voltage) or low-voltage design
>> preferred - but OK if it requires usual tube voltages.
>> 50's-era motorcycle or other commercial rig?
>> Surplus military?
>> Anything?


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