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No!  What is the law, where modes are concerned, is specified in 47 CFR Part 97 Section 97.305.  The ARRL is just expressing their ideas on how the various modes "should" be used within what frequency range.
However, the ARRL doesn't even follow their present bandplan.  In that bandplan, the frequency of 7290 kHz is specified for AM operation.  However, virtually every evening, the ARRL broadcasts, on that frequency, bulletins using LSB! Glen, K9STH

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I find this ARRL text difficult to follow and have not kept up
with these things lately.

Are they saying that the FCC currently limits rtty & other data
modes (not just rtty) to 5kHz (7100-7105 kHz) of a 300kHz band?

If that is correct are those using CW between 7100-7105 kHz
currently in violation of FCC regs?

If 7100-7125 kHz were to be set aside for CW where should all of
the digi-modes (including rtty, psk, bpq32, thor, etc.) be located?

With the rapid increase of digi modes 5kHz isn't going to meet the
need. We do have 300kHz to work with - while avoiding conflicts
with other Regions.

What is the alternative proposal from the CW community, please?

I'm no fan of the unattended & easily abused Winlink-type modes
but the reality is that digi mode use by Hams is growing and needs
to be accomodated.

The best way to defeat a bad proposal is to offer a workable


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