[Boatanchors] Safety in Travel [Was: Trade for Heath 12-pin Female HP-23B Cable and/or Connector]

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Wow, glad to hear that you are OK!

I had my 20 year old son reading quotes from a book he
bought at a thrift store in Lawrenceville - it was all
about famous insults.

After that he launched into politics ... add to that
lots of coffee and I was awake ... but then I got home
and my eyes were glazed-over looking at the computer.

BTW: I have discovered that when coffee stops working
one square of a Jalapeno Cheddar cracker every 1/2hr
keeps me awake (the cracker and cheese buffers the
pepper in my stomach but the capsaicin lights me up).

We've had the '06 Prius packed tight but keep lighter
plastic boxes on the top & the head-rests should block
their forward movement.

It's scary to think about boatanchors as unguided
missiles in a car accident!

David KD4E

> PLEASE be careful doing this to yourself.
> Getting just a couple hours sleep and then driving to the
> Shelby hamfest and back home again almost cost me my life.
> Driving to the fest was easy because I had a friend, Jeff WA1WXL
> to talk to all the way there. I stayed about 4 hours and was
> really tired so I gave the golfcart to Brian KN4R, told him
> I'd see him tomorrow (Saturday), that I was tired and going
> home. I got within 2 miles of home and fell asleep at the
> wheel and destroyed my Buick PA and was VERY lucky I didn't
> hit someone headon in the oncoming lane. Glanced off a big
> oak tree.
> Be careful driving tired, also be careful loading the backset
> of your car full of heavy radios to take to a fest, if I had
> loaded my car as I normally do the stuff in the backseat
> would have likely killed me in the wreck.
> R- w4ron
> ---- "qrv at kd4e.com" <qrv at kd4e.com> wrote:
>> I blame the few hours of sleep at the Hamfest & the long drive home.
>> "And that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!"
>> Thanks - David KD4E


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