[Boatanchors] Edebris - BAMA Down

charlesfbacon at novuminstitute.org charlesfbacon at novuminstitute.org
Sun Sep 6 17:31:39 EDT 2015

Can anyone guess how much storage and bandwidth would be needed? I may have
a solution.

Also, what software would be best?


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Apparently the owner of the edebris repository toggled on robots.txt which
instructs sites like the wayback archive and other web search systems to not
capture and save the content.

This was apparently to prevent people from taking the donated efforts of
volunteers for the purpose of resale for profit.

While I understand the intent - if edebris is gone then so also is much of
the content.

If someone offers a repository I'm guessing between us all we might
re-assemble most of the documents.

I don't know what the traffic or storage space requirements might look like.

As for those taking the labors of others for profit - they learned that from
government - and those foolish enough to pay for what is free empower both
... since this is just a hobby ... best to let them both play in their own

David KD4E

> Nice directory structure but clicking on manual link returns a message 
> about robot links.
> https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://bama.edebris.com/manuals/


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