[Boatanchors] dx 100b meter

RAY FRIESS rayfrijr at msn.com
Tue Aug 9 10:52:05 EDT 2016

Anyone have a spare DX100 or 100b meter in the junk box they would let go to assist the restoration of this great rig?

Many years ago, the filter caps in the negative voltage circuit blew up and I put the rig on the shelf for future restoration.

Recently I got the desire to put this rig back on the air and I replaced the caps.  ( I was amazed how much caps have shrunk in

size over the years.  Higher value and voltage capability caps are about one quarter the size of the originals).

Great success ...   last night the rig put out power, which I can see on a watt meter, but the needle on the meter is stuck about

one third of the way up and I get no readings, or sporadic readings when I switch through the various positions.

I'm going to contact clean the switch contacts, but I'm still concerned about the needle stuck in position.

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