[Boatanchors] MAW-1

Chuck j-mcclurg at sbcglobal.net
Fri Aug 12 20:07:09 EDT 2016

I just got a call about the above radio.  They have two each Complete Sets NIB in the Foot Locker carrying chests and want to know what a real world price would be for them?

This is 1950ish VHF, 1/2 watt, 115-156 Mcs,  AM, Air-Ground backpack set using two each 2v wet cell batteries.  Ten channels xtal controled.  The units are complete/not used, with all the accessories, including the dry charge batteries.  Weight in the foot locker is about 100 Lbs.

Last one of these I saw was when I worked with the C.D. in the 70's.  

They are from a Estate and would like to get a fair price the them, either for both or each.

They are in San Jose, CA so if someone wants one they will have to make arrangements to get them shipped, as the Lady does not want to mess with shipping.

Please let me know what a price would be.......................................


Chuck McClurg
Carson City,NV

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