[Boatanchors] Packing by UPS or FedEx

Bob Krassa bob at krassa.com
Thu Nov 22 14:17:29 EST 2018

A few days ago, in the very informative discussion about trashed package resolution, someone suggested that having your shipment packed by UPS or FedEx would make claims easier to resolve.

I am sure this is correct as far as resolving claims but I do not think it is a real good idea to let them pack shipments of heavy boatanchors.  In my experience, the folks at the UPS and FedEx stores are friendly and cooperative, decent people but they have neither the supplies, the equipment or the knowledge to pack heavy equipment correctly.  The only exception is that I am told there are a few UPS stores with real foam in place equipment,  not the little packs but the real stuff that produces large plastic wrapped pieces of foam packing like a custom made box.

Follow the advice about double boxing, using carefully cut pieces of foam insulation and other advice from previous discussions in this group, and you will increase the odds of not having to resolve claims.


Bob Krassa  AC0JL

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