[cisco-bba] Radius Auto Accounting on Reload

Tay Chee Yong tcy at pacific.net.sg
Thu Oct 16 22:10:51 EDT 2003


In addition to the radius accounting thread, i would also like to find out if
c7200-jk9s-mz.122-15.T7.bin does support radius auto-accounting upon router

What i meant was to allow the Cisco 7206 to update the FreeRadius of proper stop
packet upon the reload of the router, to properly terminate the ppp session.

However, when using c7200-g4js-mz.122-16.B2.bin (used for SSG) with web-based
connected client, the stop packets were observed at the radius server when
reloading the router.

When i am using a Cisco 7206 as a BB Aggregator, with
c7200-jk9s-mz.122-15.T7.bin, pppox sessions were not properly terminated upon
the router reload.

Could someone shed some light on this?



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