[cisco-bba] BGP/ADSL aggreagation

Thomas Bridge thomas at wibble.to
Tue Jul 26 08:12:12 EDT 2005

On Tue, Jul 26, 2005 at 12:09:51PM +0100, Mark Tohill wrote:
> We have the following scenario:
> We have two PoP's, PoP1 and PoP2, providing ADSL aggregation in both.
> Both PoP1 and PoP2 have an edge router running iBGP with our upstream
> provider, which happens to be the same provider (same AS), peering at
> their two same-city PoP's.
> The plan is to move our ADSL aggregation in PoP2 to another provider in
> same city, and maintain a link between the BAS and our PoP2 edge. PoP2
> has non-contiguous IP space from our /16.
> Question(s): 
> 1. Does it make sense to run eBGP across our infrastructure? IMHO I
> suspect it does, since we are multi-homing, of sorts at least.

Um - how can you run eBGP when you're running iBGP to your provider? 
Are you using two seperate AS numbers in your network?
> 2. Can we run eBGP/iBGP on our BAS terminating our ADSL users. I'd
> imagine this would be frowned upon in Cisco, or has anyone tried it?

I've done it - with a full routing table to boot.   I ran it is an RR client
to fix a problem with out internal design, but it wasn't optimal.


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