[cisco-bba] Software Image selection.

Kristofer Sigurdsson kristo at ipf.is
Mon Feb 13 11:11:05 EST 2006


On Mon, 2006-02-13 at 10:48 -0500, Ross W wrote:
> Okay, in having some talks with local cisco resellers, I'm getting a
> lot of different responses as to the correct software image to be
> purchasing to do pppoe aggregation on a bunch of new 7200/npe-g1s
> (we're doing a conversion from redback) - All the way from IP base to
> the full enterprise level. 
> Probably it's due to the fact that the same feature is listed multiple
> times on the navigator, so selecting the wrong one provides a
> different answer, and it makes me doubt my selection, hence why I
> asked and got even more options.  It's a pretty basic requirement, but
> it just seems that some people just don't know the product they sell. 
> What I need:
> - pppoe server support
> - l2tp tunneling of pppoe (as an LNS)
> - radius
> - ospf/bgp

We're doing all of this on 7301's (very similar to 7200/NPE-G1) on IOS 
12.3(11)T2, plain IP feature set, very stable, no problems.  Note, 
however, that you will need a broadband feature license...

> Bonus items would include MPLS, IPv6 support and the ability to turn
> on mpf support in the future.

You can do MPLS and MPF in 12.4T, SP Services feature set.  As of now,
I'm not really counting on 12.4T (still young), but you might want to
give it a go if you really need PPPoE + MPLS (we've had it on one 
production router for a few months without a hitch, running PPPoE + BGP 
(2 full feeds) + OSPF + MPLS).

> So what's the rest of the world using out there that's stable?

In your case, I'd go with 12.3T or 12.4 mainline and update to 12.4T
once it becomes more experienced and you start needing MPLS/MPF/IPv6 
(I'm not sure about IPv6 in 12.4T, though, I haven't used it).


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