[cisco-bba] gigabit ethernet help

Stavros Patiniotis stavros at staff.esc.net.au
Thu Aug 9 00:22:15 EDT 2007


> SX Modules are for MultiMode fibre connections. If you have SingleMode
> fibres you need either a LX (1310nm) ~10km or a ZX (1550nm) ~ 40 km
> module. Please ask the Telco (Telstra) what they required. 

Telstra normally have MMOF after the demarc point, although they can and do
use SMOF too, but this is rare.

You may want to check the interface settings:

media-type gbic
no negotiation auto

If no success, send a 'sh int gi0/x' and 'sh run int gi0/x'.
Stavros Patiniotis
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