[cisco-bba] Replacing the Cisco 7206VXR - Juniper

Wayne @ CTL Wayne at squeezemail.co.uk
Thu Oct 18 08:27:45 EDT 2007

    As I have posted earlier on this list, we have a Cisco 7206 that is creaking, and although Oliver @ Cisco was very helpful , basically the packet size of the traffic we are running (mixture of VOIP including payload and VOIP signalling) is too small and the throughput to high meaning the router cannot cope.

We have even tried a G4 card in the unit and we get about another 10mb out of it before it dies, giving us about 30mb, with about 25% packet loss, anymore than that the router drops too many packets.

So I'm looking to replace it, does anyone have any suggestions? I know a couple of people mentioned Juniper kit, any recommendations?

A bit more info basically we have a bandwidth supplier on one side giving us 100mb and then a 3300 switch on the other connected to our servers and the router just routes the traffic to the bandwidth supplier, so we don't really need the cisco luxuries, just a reasonably priced, hard mean packets switching machine, good for 50mb+ throughput even with small packets.

Any help appreciated, I don't really just want to through more money at it and end up with another 10mb of throughput!



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