[cisco-bba] 7204VXR vs ASR1001-x (as LNS / provider is LAC)

Nathan Downes nathandownes at hotmail.com
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Hi Bruce,

Yes we got Advanced IP Enterprise?? + BB license (500 sessions), can increase later if necessary, I think without them the commands do nothing on a ASR1001-x, but you can activate evaluation licenses which turn to RTU after 30 days, still honour based but TAC won’t help for issues without them.

7204vxr I just got ADV IP Enterprise and it did everything I needed, they didn’t do they charge for each feature option for them (or I just didn’t know about it), just make sure you get a NPE-G2 and not one of the earlier engines.  Half the sessions come in as direct PPPOE and the rest come in over L2TP tunnels.  We also do NAT for about 60% of the sessions too which increases the CPU usage.

I remember reading about the radius challenges, but I don’t think we used those features, apart from the config for the radius being in a slightly different way it was pretty easy to setup.   I would think with just DSL you could easily do 1k+ sessions on the 7204vxr without stretching it, if you are expecting quick growth above that I would look at the ASR, hard for me to guess though because not that many DSL connections.  Price difference is huge, here 2nd hand ASR1004, ESP40, RP2, SIP40, 10gbit module and 3 x 8 x 1gbit module + licenses and smartnet came out at about 50k.. where we got the 7204vxr about 4-5 years ago for 5k.

Still think that is fair, 7204vxr limited to 3gbit max using all ports, and ESP40 will do 40gbit + a whole heap of other stuff.

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Hi Nathan,

Thanks for the feedback.

1- ASR1001-x need IP Advance licenses ($6k) and sessions licens (500 for $5k and 4500 more for another $5k+). Do you need those for your setup?

2- Are there any licenses you have to buy for the 7204vxr series to be able to do LNS/LAC or VRF and L2TP?

Side note: There are some Radius challenges apparently that the new ASR will throw your way.


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We use a 7204vxr with an NPE-G2 as an LNS,  Carrier sends sessions from their LAC to us via L2TP tunnel.

Use it more for FTTx than DSL, have about 30 DSL sessions and 400 FTTX connections, varying fom 12/1 to 100/40.  Pretty impressed with the NPE-G2, we average about 30-40% CPU with those connections, no extra cards in device, just using standard 3 gigabit ports on the NPE, one for inbound sessions, one for internet and one for radius.

In the process of putting in an ASR1004 with an ESP40 in a couple of weeks, a lot more coin than the 7204, but consolidating a bit and we do a lot of L2 Fibre connections to business customers, biggest reason is to get netflow for new data retention laws.

Not being a Cisco expert by any means, moving from a switch platform to a router platform has been a huge learning curve!

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We are entering the DSL reseller market and costs for ASR1001-x or ASR1002-x are in the $20k+ for Cisco ASR1001-x + IP Advance Licenses + 500 Sessions.

We are considering used 7204VXR. What is it in ASR1001-x that 7204VXR can't do for example?

Our Service Provider require LNS/LAC, L2TP, VRF, and Radius.


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