[nsp] Channelized DS3

Brian Vowell brian at digitalix.net
Mon Aug 4 07:40:14 EDT 2003

>However, I would assume that the telco would worry about providing a
>channelized service your way. In Africa, the CSU/DSU isn't CPE; it's telco
>equipment. So they would need to provide the CSU/DSU that supports the
>HSSI-type capacity and the format in which you'd want it, which is,
>channelized. Would you have this option, or is your CSU/DSU CPE?
The circuits are being provided by a CLEC.  The carrier has fiber in our 
facility, so they're able to drop a DS-3 to us in about a week from 
now.  The idea is to eliminate technicians from being dispatched at our 
end of the facility whenever another DS1 is ordered, and to minimize the 
amount of equipment sitting around to service each of those DS1 
customers.  As far as I know, the DSU is CPE.  The carrier will be 
bringing us two coax cables and nothing else.

>In your case, a DS-3 would basically be, a T-3, with 44.736Mbps of bandwidth
>in a total of 672 DS0s. Since you can channelize the 24 timeslots in a T-1,
>I would theorise that you should be able to channelize 672 timeslots in a
We'll be getting a channelized DS3 which will consist of up to 28 DS1 
circuits.  Initially, we'll have 10 DS1 circuits, and we expect to fill 
the others in the next six months.


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