[nsp] 12.3T - a niiiiice feature :)

Antoine Versini vox at t-online.fr
Thu Aug 7 19:27:54 EDT 2003

On Thu, 7 Aug 2003, hakan lindholm wrote:

> Worked fine on my LC-4OC3/POS-SM (eng 0). A lot faster than "hw-module
> slot 0 reload" and "reload slot 0". Btw, is "hw-module slot 0 reload
> debug" (with gdb) also a new feature?

I just tried on a quad OC3 with all ports shutdowned, reload took about 6
seconds. Working fine. The interface of the eng 2 LC that crashed (an one
port OC48 LC) was shutdowned too... About the "gdb" feature, I'm not
foolish enough to try it on a production router :)


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