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Kevin kevin at honeycomb.net
Sat Aug 16 00:02:59 EDT 2003

I Figured out my problem,
I used a vurtual-template interface instead of a multilink interface.


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I have an 7513 router with RSP4s,
I tried upgrading the IOS to 12.3(1a) and 12.2(14)S3 to fix the DDOS vulnerability. I have 3 Serial interfaces ppp mutilinkd to one of my upstream providers, Before I was running 12.1(14). Anyways after upgraded if I enable IP CEF the multilink interface does'nt allow any packets 
To go through, pings, bgp packets, nothing, but If I disable ip cef everything works fine. Although with 12.2 I was able to send some packets through although with heavy packet loss, The Multilink interface shows up and now errors when CEF is enabled. Has anyone experienced this before?

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