[nsp] policy-routing GRE tunnel packets

Alexander Bochmann bochmann at FreiNet.de
Wed Aug 20 19:04:40 EDT 2003


...on Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 05:06:42PM +0100, Michael Havsholm wrote:

 > > I've come to the conclusion that policy-routing the 
 > > GRE encapsulated Tunnel packets is not possible. 
 > Not true, you "just" have to apply the policy route ("ip policy route-map
 > blabla") on both the physical AND the tunnel interface.

Didn't work here.

 > It works for me in 12.2(12a) at least. I can see, that I have set the
 > physical interface to process switching. I can't remember if it was required
 > for this to work.

Hm. I can imagine that setting the interface to process 
switching changes the execution order in a way that allows 
policy routing to work on these packets. 
But I don't think I want traffic on an ethernet interface 
to be process switched - the box in question is just a 2611 
after all...

 > Trying to understand the correct order of packet processing in a Cisco
 > router is .., challenging at least ..


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