[nsp] List Policy Change

Jared Mauch jared at puck.nether.net
Mon Mar 17 08:27:42 EST 2003

	so as everyone knows spam is a true problem on the internet.
cisco-nsp alias gets about 30-50 spams a day.  (much less than my
current 100+ i get).  As a result of this, i'm changing the flag
in mailman that says "hold posting from non-member" for later
approval and setting it to flat out reject non-member postings.

	What this means for you:

	If you are posting from a different address than you are subscribed
as, your posting *WILL NOT* reach the list.  If the address you are
subscribed as is old/outdated, please update it.  This means all you
people that can't remember when you subscribed and you've been sold
three times, you might want to update your membership :)

	- jared

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