[nsp] OLDD. VIP2-20 support

Raymond, Steven steven_raymond at eli.net
Fri Sep 19 09:36:50 EDT 2003

Don't forget that VIP2-20s (and VIP2-15s, maybe others) are the same card as
a VIP2-40 but with less memory.  AFAIK, VIP2-40s are fully supported on the
current S train.  So if you can find the memory to upgrade the VIP2-20 to
64MB (the max DRAM I believe they can handle), the viola, you now own a
VIP2-40.  64MB may not do full BGP routes for dCEF, either.  I am not sure
if the packet memory is upgradable like on the VIP2-50s.  And I don't know
about v6 features- sorry.

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> Hello,
> What's the latest and stable version of service-provider 
> edition IOS version that supports VIP2-20 as well as IPv6?
> I heard VIP2-20 is dropped in the newer IOS releases...
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