[nsp] Suggestions on terminating a bunch of T1's

Lars Erik Gullerud lerik at nolink.net
Wed Feb 4 19:50:16 EST 2004

On Wed, 4 Feb 2004, Gert Doering wrote:

> > Wrap the T1's into 40 M13's.
> >
> > Run the channelized DS-3's to a 7206 VXR full of PA-MC-2T3+
> >
> > I would need 4 7026 and use one of the PA's for an uplink of some sort.
> Have you considered using the PA-MC-STM1 to put the T1s into STM1s?

PA-MC-STM1 only supports E1s, not T1s. Lovely cards to use over here in
Europe though. However, even using PA-MC-2T3+ cards you can do 336 T1's
in a 7206VXR chassis. With an NPE-G1 in there you have 3 x GigE onboard
for uplinks and you don't even oversubscribe the bandwidth points on
the buses. Heck, you can throw in an I/O-GE+E or an I/O-2FE
for additional Ethernet ports too.

However, if used equpiment is an option I'd rather look at finding a
cheap 7513 chassis and VIPs which should be easy these days - you should
be able to stuff 20 PA-MC-2T3+ cards (i.e. 1120 T1's) in there and
still have two PA bays (or a single GEIP+ card) available for uplinks.

Unless all those T1s start pushing line-rate @ very small packet sizes,
both options should be able to hack it performance-wise too...

But, isn't massive T1 aggregation what Cisco made the 10000 series for?
No experience with that box myself (other than generally hearing lots of
bad things about it :), but perhaps a box worth looking at for this kind
of use...


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