[nsp] Cisco 3640 ATM and Mupltiple ISP's Question

Kenny Stoltz kenny at qx.net
Thu Feb 12 17:45:47 EST 2004

Doesn't seem like the typical setup as they usually let you put the 
customer on whatever PVC you want, but you can grab more bits for the 
VPI through "atm maxvpi-bits" on the atm interface, which would let you 
go up to 80.

As for setting up a range I think that they want to set up different 
VPIs for each DSLAM, so you would have VPI 80, 81, 82, 83, etc. You will 
still need a VCI for each customer, unless (god help you) they are going 
to dump all the traffic from the DSLAM onto one circuit and make you 
sort it out, so your VCIs will look like 80/200. Starting at 80 is a 
really crappy idea though because it means that you don't have as many 
bits for VCI.

I am assuming this is the relationship I know of where you get an ATM 
pipe into the network and you sell DSL circuits to customers and the 
telco gets a dsl loop fee and you get the data in your atm pipe from the 
customer, is this correct? Where does "multiple isps" come in then?


Melvin C. Etheridge wrote:

>The local Telco currently offers DSL to their customers and we "resell" the
>same service to ours using their adsl circuits.
>Currently each of my customers has there on sub int and pvc on our router
>(int atm1/1.xxx PVC 1/xxx) .
>The Telco is wanting to set up a "virtual path" for our customers from each
>DSLAM back through their ATM switch to
>our 3640.
>They wanted me to use a "range" command and setup a PVC for each DSLAM
>starting with PVC80/xxx (I THINK) .
>Well the 3640 does not support the "range" command and the allowed VPI's are
>only from 0-63.
>Is there any other way to set this up so that they have their virtual path
>for their customers and we have one for ours??
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