[c-nsp] How to access cisco remotely when cpu 100%

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If you can stand a brief outage, you can have someone at the remote site
pull out the interface cable(s) that isn't/aren't facing you (IP
route-wise).  Unless you're a victim of a DOS, that'll probably drop the
CPU immediately.  Telnet in, grab a sh tech, and then have them put the
cable(s) back.  Might only be 15-30 seconds outage.  With this info, you
should be able to figure out the cause of the CPU issue.  I don't think
sh tech includes a sh log, so you might want to add that also.  A
scheduler allocate setting will probably help as well.

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On Sat, 2 Oct 2004, Prit Patel wrote:

> Hello All,
> How can i access my cisco box remotely via telnet when CPU reached
> 100% for that box.

Very slowly, patiently, and painfully.

If it is responding at all, turning on service nagle may help.

If there is another box at the remote site that is responding, a
rollover cable between the aux port of box A to the console of box B
with reverse telnet can be a lifesaver.

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