[c-nsp] SUP2 on 6509 Crashing with BGP

Jon Lewis jlewis at lewis.org
Sun Feb 5 23:01:37 EST 2006

On Sun, 5 Feb 2006, Richard J. Sears wrote:

> Hey Everyone -
> I am working on a 6509 with a SUP2 in IOS mode. I went to bring up BGP
> with two peers today and all went well until I tried to bring up the
> second peer.

What IOS version?  If it's recent, like 12.2SX*, you don't have enough 
RAM.  Regardless, that seems to be what the maloc fails are saying.  On a 
6509 Sup2 with not quite 2 full views, and 512mb RAM, I have 212390720 
free.  If I had 256MB less RAM, I'd be in trouble.

> -Traceback= 402382D8 4023A738 40234F84 40235784 407A225C 4077A524 4078C7F4 4078CCF4 4077FD18 40784E7C 4022EC9C 4022EC88
> Then both peers go down and the router reboots itself.

You might want to open a TAC case on that.  My experience with other 
ciscos, BGP, full tables, and insufficient RAM, is that the session resets 
and then tries again.  It shouldn't be crashing/rebooting just because it 
ran out of memory.

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