[c-nsp] new tac service request tool

Everett Dowd edowd at cox.net
Tue Feb 14 22:44:09 EST 2006

Done... The interface isn't really that much better than the old one. They do
need to make it work for any browser, of course that may require Cisco to use
yet another version of jvm to make it work... 


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the TAC section of www.cisco.com asks me to test a new tac service
request tool, with "improved usability" (starting from here:
http://tools.cisco.com/ServiceRequestTool/create/launch.do )

Now... if I do that, it will popup a window that tells me "you need
to use internet explorer" - and no way to give feedback.

Someone inside Cisco is *really* trying to make the web interface as
unusable as possibly, I think - MSIE has long stopped being the standard
in web browsers, even our Windows users prefer Firefox these days (at least
the tech people).

If there is someone on the list that could forward my strong disappointment
about their "improved usability" to the Web design folks, I'd appreciate



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