[c-nsp] QoS on dual T1s ok?

Oliver Boehmer (oboehmer) oboehmer at cisco.com
Wed Feb 15 07:23:09 EST 2006

Jose <> wrote on Tuesday, February 14, 2006 8:19 PM:

> Just wanted to get some added reassurance from you guys since I think
> this will work but just wanted to make sure.
> Customer wants us to prioritize a specific /28 from his assigned
> blocks across the two T1s he has from us.  He would like this block
> to be able to use up to half of his bandwidth if needed and when the
> /28 is not using any bandwidth, the other blocks on his network
> should have the ability to use up to the full two T1s worth of
> bandwidth. 

I fear only some form of L2 link bundling (Multilink PPP, Multilink
Frame-Relay) will be able to achieve this. You want QoS to have complete
control of the available bandwidth..

Someone else mentioned the overhead: Well, yes, there is a slight
overhead due to Multilink header, but unless you're only using
minimal-size packets, the overhead should be negligable..


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