[c-nsp] T3/E3 hybrid

Jessup, Toby Toby.Jessup at qwest.com
Thu Feb 23 12:14:51 EST 2006

Is anyone out there knowledgeable about how/if T3/E3 hybrid circuits are
provisioned? Anyone aware of a provider doing this?

I am not even sure this is possible in most cases. I can't imagine how
any equipment owned by a service provider (or CSU product?) could
convert an unframed (C-bit) T3 directly to an unstructured E3. The
unframed T3 would have to be a subrate tiered service (34.368 kb/s), and
that makes this seems technically unlikely, given the complexity and the
varying standards for subrate T3 framing (?).

Converting a framed (M13) T3 service to a structured E3 seems more
likely, but still perhaps outside what most SPs can offer. There would
have to be only 16 channels, and those channels would have to be
operating as hybrid T1/E1 lines (24 DS0s). Agree?

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