[c-nsp] RIB-failure - anything to worry about?

Vincent De Keyzer vincent at dekeyzer.net
Thu Feb 23 12:41:03 EST 2006

> Normally nothing to worry about, but you may want to reverify your
> origination points.  I'm assuming you don't put /18s and /20s natively
> on interfaces, and that you subnet them much more than that.  If so, you
> may want to pick two or so key devices in your network to originate your
> /18s and /20s (i.e. bgp 'network' or bgp 'redist stat route-map
> aggs-only').  Then take the aggregates OUT of OSPF.  You'll no longer
> have RIB-failure

So basically, you are proposing to propagate the /18s and the /20s via iBGP
rather than with OSPF? Fine for me, it that removes this scary 'r', it's a
good idea.

> and if edge routers lose connectivity to your core,
> your edge routers will no longer blackhole some of your traffic.  

... but I am already out of that danger, right? If my IX router looses
connectivity to the core, it will loose the route via OSPF, and will stop
announcing it via eBGP, correct?


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