[c-nsp] 7206 pvc ranges

Steven Saner ssaner at pantheranet.com
Fri Oct 6 19:16:48 EDT 2006

I am needing to make a transition from a Redback platform to a Cisco 7206 
platform for terminating DSL circuits. I have a question about configuring a 
range of pvcs:

interface atmx/y.multipoint
  range pvc ...

If you create a range of pvcs in this way with a particular configuration, can 
you then also create an individual pvc that falls within this range with a 
different configuration? Will that more specific pvc configuration override the 
configuration in the range?

It works like that on a Redback, but I can find no documentation to confirm or 
deny if that is possible on a Cisco.



Steven Saner <ssaner at pantheranet.com>

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