[c-nsp] 7960+3524-PWR

Asbjorn Hojmark - Lists lists at hojmark.org
Wed Oct 18 15:43:12 EDT 2006

> I've been fighting with my 3524 to try and allow the use of 
> the "switch" facility... The config is as follows:
> interface FastEthernet0/3
>   description Paul Phone/Switch
>   duplex full
>   speed 100
>   switchport access vlan 100
>   switchport voice vlan 200
>   spanning-tree portfast
> end

The 3500 XLs need to be configured as trunk for phones. There's
no 'magic trunking' as on the more recent switches. So something

interface FastEthernet0/3
  desc Paul Phone/Switch
  switch trunk encap dot1q
  switch trunk native vlan 100
  switch trunk allow vlan 100,200
  switch mode trunk
  switch voice vlan 200
  spanning-tree portfast trunk

(Use auto speed and duplex. It works fine, better actually)


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