[c-nsp] Detect Upstream ISP's BGP problems.

Saku Ytti saku+cisco-nsp at ytti.fi
Fri Dec 12 11:41:33 EST 2008

On (2008-12-12 09:57 -0600), tkacprzynski at spencerstuart.com wrote:

> I know I could ask the ISPs to provide me a core route and use
> conditional advertisement, which would work well for traffic coming
> inbound, but what about outbound? How can I make the default route
> disappear from an ISP that is having internal problems.

Don't get default, get PA aggregate. And point static route
to that PA aggregate and the interface. If ISPs peering router
is separated from ISPs core, the PA aggregate disappears
and static default will be invalid, allowing you to 
converge to another path.

For more advanced stuff, you might want to look at 'PfR'
from cisco.


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