[c-nsp] RSP4 as route server? - seeking suggestions and opinions

Cory Ayers cayers at ena.com
Sat Dec 20 15:45:21 EST 2008

>I've only been recently tasked with looking into possible (re)uses for
>box so I'm not sure how it managed to handle 2 sets of full routes

256M RAM will barely handle one BGP feed filtered to /23 (140k routes)

>The first thing that came to mind when tasked with this was actually
>Quagga/OpenBGPD. There appears to be a discussion on Linux Gigabit
>on the NANOG-ML but the discussion seems skewed towards forwarding
>performance rather than BGP scalability.

If you're just looking for data gathering, go with Quagga.  We've got an
old SOHO box (533Mhz, 512M RAM, 512M Flash drive) running a lean install
of Fedora with 8 BGP feeds (somewhat filtered) inbound, and another
session to route-views.  This replaced a 7200 NPE-300 w/256M that
couldn't keep up a few years back.


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