[c-nsp] 7600 eigrp offset-list problem

Dan Sabau dan.sabau at tbm.ro
Wed May 13 07:23:36 EDT 2009

we have the following problem, if a router reboots when it comes online 
the part of the config with the offset-list within router eigrp is 
ignored, you have to do something like:
conf t
router eigrp X
no  offset-list permit-any in 128257 Vlan2764
 offset-list permit-any in 128257 Vlan2764
Does any body know how to fix it?
The ios is: 12.2(33)SRC1 we have tried SRBx and the problem was there too.

Dan Sabau
New Com Telecomunicatii SA,
Telefon: 0755049817
Email: dan.sabau at newcom.ro 

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