[c-nsp] Wifi network and too many wifi users

Michael misha at netspark.org
Fri May 15 19:43:09 EDT 2009

reflect ocean wrote:
> Our wireless lan is currently reaching 1000 users or so.I'm not very
> confortable with the idea  of having such number of users in a subnet.
> We have deployed around 60 cisco autonomous acess points throughout
> the campus and this subnet is firewalled and routed in our core switch
> which is a hope away to accessing Internet.It's very simple design.
> What would be a recommended deployment in this case with a growing
> number of users?
> Would deploying lwap bring any advantage to this design? We want to
> keep a single ssid and mobility.
> What about a mesh network?

You definitely need controller based solution, feature which you need is
called "AP groups".

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