[c-nsp] Cisco ONS 15454 for dummies

Rick Ernst cnsp at shreddedmail.com
Fri Feb 19 21:33:44 EST 2010

I'm getting ready to do some facilities expansion to a building about 300
cable-feet away.  I currently have Ethernet, OC-N, and DS-N services,
clear-channel and channelized that can land on access equipment or handed
off as Out-of-Band connections to customers.  We have multiple ILECs and
CLECs servicing our building.  I'm also planning on moving (or building)
some telco facility in/to the new building.  I need the ability to land OC-N
and DS-3 circuits and peel DS-3s and DS-1s out of them. I would also like to
be able to chose which DS-1s go to which facility, combine them into
something like a PA-MCT3+ for IP, etc.I'm savvy with layer3-7 with IP and
layer1-2 with Ethernet, T-1, and DS-3.

"Everybody" seems to be using the ONS 15454 to mix-n-match TDM between
nodes.  I've used some Google-fu and read through the Cisco ONS manual, but
still have some basic questions that I haven't been able to answer.  Part of
my confusion is Cisco listing MSPP, MSTP and SONET vs SDH all under the same
"ONS" umbrella.

Any pointers to an "ONS for dummies" resource to help me make an intelligent
decision on where to focus my research?  Would I potentially be better
served by some form of simpler Add/Drop mux(es) of some nature?  I don't
know enough yet to ask the right questions, so I'm hoping I'll get some
questions in return. :)


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