[c-nsp] How to see interface configuration after card failure on ASR9K

Vitkovsky, Adam avitkovsky at emea.att.com
Wed Dec 28 04:51:09 EST 2011

Show run should display the configuration for the card that was removed and all it's references in the config
It will jut list the interfaces as "interface preconfigure gig0/2/3/4"
-same as when you pre-configure interfaces for a line-card that is not yet inserted into the box or you'd like to adjust the broken card's config prior to inserting the new card


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We had a 40-port card fail on an ASR9K and I'm trying to see what
configuration was on those interfaces, but I can't find the right
command. The router has basically decided that the card doesn't exist
for most purposes. I thought that if I did a "show running-config" I
would see those interfaces listed as preconfigured interfaces, but
that is not the case. My experience with IOS-XR is somewhat limited.
How do I see the configuration for those interfaces prior to replacing
the card?

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