[c-nsp] 6VPE deployment Issue (Core router need configure IPv6 address or not?)

Xu Hu jstuxuhu0816 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 11:30:09 EDT 2012

Hi All Experts,

Let's say the topology as below:
PE-CE protocol OSPF, core running OSPF as IGP, on top have MPLS/VPN, LDP.

In the IPv4 situation, when i ping from CE-1 to CE-2, will see the next-hop
of P router.

For the IPv6 situation, PE-1 and PE-2 running 6VPE, established the VPNv6
neighbor with each other, as we know the core router is unaware of IPv6, so
by right we just need to configure the IPv6 address in PE interface which
towards CE side.

My question is if we don't configure the IPv6 address in the core, so how
the traceroute and ping work?

Also another thing is the QOS deployment, if we don't configure the IPv6
address, the DSCP value in the core will change or not by default? Or we
must map the DSCP value to EXP value in the ingress router?

Thanks advance for any comments,
Hu Xu

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