[c-nsp] me3600 svi's not showing in and out bit counts that i see on corresponding phy int

Reuben Farrelly reuben-cisco-nsp at reub.net
Wed Aug 8 16:51:26 EDT 2012

It seems to be an architecture thing - this has been the case across all 
of the code drops on this platform so far to date.  I suspect only 
process switched data is counted in those interfaces.

You'll need to poll EFP's on these switches instead of VLAN interfaces 
for measuring data flows - those are per-service+per-port and the SNMP 
counters on those do get populated.  And if you're not yet using EFP's 
then you're probably not using these switches to their full potential :-)


On 8/08/2012 11:54 PM, Aaron wrote:
> anybody know why me3600 svi doesn't seem to show in and out bit counts that
> the underlying phy int shows?  ....all svi's (10,11,13) are in a vrf running
> over mpls l3vpn

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