[c-nsp] Cisco IOS CA Enrollment with Odyssey CA Server

Arun Kumar narain.arun at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 06:22:17 EDT 2013

Hi All,

In our network there are around 4000 site routers connected to HO, DC and
DR through IPSEC. For the ease of manageability and scalability, we are
using "Digital Certificate" based device authentication. Currently
"Verisign CA certificate" is hosted in centralized server and all Cisco
routers are configured to enroll CA from the centralized server. We are
planning to migrate the CA certificate from "Verisign" to "Odyssey". We are
in the process of getting Odyssey Certificate and installing in server to
test. But in the mean time would like to confirm.

1. Cisco IOS router compatibility with Odyssey CA will work?
2. Did anybody try and find any issues with Odyssey?

Thanks in advance,

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