[c-nsp] BGP advertisements more specific than IGP

James Urwiller jurwiller at americanbb.com
Thu Feb 28 22:11:50 EST 2013

I have a BGP multi-homed invironment that I am having problems balancing inbound traffic, besides prepends which don't seem to be helping anymore, I have heard that announcing my networks more specifically could also influence inbound traffic.  My question is, for example… If I have a /23 that I am using as a /23 in OSPF, can I announce that in BGP more specifically (2, /24's)  without having to them break it up internally as well?  What I foresee happening is this..



I would think in this scenario, the IP addresses and would not have a route in BGP, even though they are valid addresses for use when used as a /23.  Since I would be multi-homed, I would still advertise the network as the aggregate /23 on the circuit I don't want to take as much traffic, so would those IP addresses in this scenario still work, but only through the circuit I advertise as the aggregate??

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