[c-nsp] AnyConnect OGS Server Selection Improvement/Suspend Time

Matthew Nawrot msnawrot at gmail.com
Sat Jul 13 20:51:26 EDT 2013

At work, I've been attempting to verify the functionality of two of
AnyConnect's OGS options by searching the Event Viewer application-specific
logs on a Windows 7 machine.  Has anybody on this list seen log entries
indicating that OGS is re-assessing the server list because the
AutoServerSelectionSuspendTime has elapsed?

The pertinent settings in my group policy xml are the same as the defaults,
which is below.


	<EnableAutomaticServerSelection UserControllable="true">






My test steps:
1) start anyconnect client (3.1.495)
2) go into options and enable OGS
3) watch the assessment process finish
4) connect to the best server, including authentication
5) disconnect from the server
6) wait four hours (the computer is not put to sleep, and Internet
connectivity is persists through the wait)
7) check the Event Viewer log for updates...but there weren't any events
for the four hour mark.


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