[c-nsp] Port-Channel physical interface members distribution

Gilles Fabre fabre.gilles at voila.fr
Fri Feb 28 12:04:37 EST 2014

Hi all

I recently had a discussion on how to connect interfaces belonging to a same port-channel & I would like your opinion.

On Nexus or Catalyst, I am wondering if the different interfaces of critical Port-Channel (for example, a port-Channel going from Core to Distribution switches) 
should be mixed from different ASICs/UPC (could make sense in order to get the maximum available bandwidth in any cases) or into the same one (I saw a Nexus 
presentation seeing that the multicast hashing distribution in a Port-Channel would result in replicating traffic to all UPC & then drop on the one which was not 
chosen by the hashing algorithm)

Would have a recommandation or best practices you use, & why ?
In addition, did anyone face issues using or one the other method ? I am particularly interessed in hardware limiters & CoPP behaviours

Thanks in advance

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