[c-nsp] Community tagged route, redistributed to RR, but OSPF "learnt" route takes precedence(So RIB failure)

CiscoNSP List cisconsp_list at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 29 21:14:27 EST 2015

Hi Guys,

Quick question (Hopefully!)

Im successfully advertising from a PE(With community tag) -> RR, but on the RR it is displaying rib failure for this route(, due to the RR learning a default via OSPF(Which makes sense)...but the route is still on the RR (With the correct community tag in BGP)...now I want to re-advertise the "learnt" BGP default route with community tag to route reflector client (Via matching the community tag), but the route isnt advertised.....now I assume because it is not in RIB? Is there anyway "around" this...i.e. I want to maintain OSPF advertising default to the RR, but the RR to advertise a "different" default learnt from another PE, to a RR-Client......hopefully that makes sense :)


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