[c-nsp] 40G options for 6807

Nick Cutting ncutting at edgetg.com
Thu Jul 14 10:26:36 EDT 2016

Yes - I have a few 6807/sup2t's But wanted to know if it is worth waiting for the Sup6T - given that as stated, there are no cards utilizing even the 220G
I do have the new 10 gig line cards - and as there is no software to support the 4 x 10 -> 40 - I have already had to breakout 40 gig access switches (brocade/force10/nexus) back to the 10's.

Given that the nexus 9k / 3k are doing 10/40/100g at 1U - the 6807 is rather disappointing so far - I think I'll give up soon and go spine + leaf + nsx.
The extra features over nexus in the trusty 6800k swiss army knife - are mostly available in the ESX hosts as distributed network services now.

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On 13/07/16 20:24, Peter Kranz wrote:
> For instance, the C6800-32P10G is labelled as an 8 Port 40GE/32 Port 
> 10GE module, but there is no software release yet that supports the 
> 40G operational mode, nor have I seen the required CVR-4SFP-QSFP 
> adaptor available.

I would expect Nick meant 40G options to take advantage of the new 440G/slot SUP6T & PFC4-E hardware (or even, the full 220G/slot of SUP2T in the 6807).

At the moment, none of the known cards can exceed 160G to the fabric, and most don't exceed 80G.

Ref: http://d2zmdbbm9feqrf.cloudfront.net/2016/usa/pdf/BRKARC-3465.pdf

Couple that with uncertainty on >1M FIB scale, and it's a pretty poor show; I'm quite glad to be far and away from Cat6k! :)

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