[c-nsp] ASA VPN/AnyConnect Licensing

Nick Cutting ncutting at edgetg.com
Mon Jun 13 16:03:10 EDT 2016

I am pretty sure that you get 2 free - then the next jump is 25

There is a separate license for mobile devices though - so the two free - or the 25, won't work on cell phones or tablets without the mobile license.
You don't need to worry for windows machines though.

This is a 5506 out of the box:

Licensed features for this platform:
Maximum Physical Interfaces       : Unlimited      perpetual
Maximum VLANs                     : 5              perpetual
Inside Hosts                      : Unlimited      perpetual
Failover                          : Disabled       perpetual
Encryption-DES                    : Enabled        perpetual
Encryption-3DES-AES               : Enabled        perpetual
GTP/GPRS                          : Disabled       perpetual
AnyConnect Premium Peers          : 2              perpetual
AnyConnect Essentials             : Disabled       perpetual
Other VPN Peers                   : 10             perpetual
Total VPN Peers                   : 12             perpetual
Shared License                    : Disabled       perpetual
AnyConnect for Mobile             : Disabled       perpetual
AnyConnect for Cisco VPN Phone    : Disabled       perpetual
Advanced Endpoint Assessment      : Disabled       perpetual
Total UC Proxy Sessions           : 2              perpetual
Botnet Traffic Filter             : Disabled       perpetual
Cluster                           : Disabled       perpetual

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Hi all,

I'm considering using the ASA5506W-A-K9 for a few small office locations, but I'm a bit confused on the licensing model for AnyConnect.  These devices will need to handle client VPN (AnyConnect) termination for 1-5 users max.

Do these devices include licensing for a minimal number of AnyConnect cilents (<25)?  The AnyConnect ordering guide [1] shows SKU's for AnyConnect Plus/Apex/VPN-Only licenses, but the smallest license looks like it is for 25-50 users.  This is overkill for my particular application because I only need AnyConnect Plus (or VPN-Only) for 1-5 users.

[1] http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/products/security/anyconnect-og.pdf


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