[c-nsp] Cisco IOS/XE :: H-QoS for Multi-VRF / Sub-interface setup

Brian Turnbow b.turnbow at twt.it
Fri Jun 24 07:23:09 EDT 2016


try taking a look at service-fragment.
It will work on subinterfaces, but I'm not sure about using it with
different vrfs.....



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> Hi all,
> Can you help clarify for me on my understanding of the above.  I have a
> 10Mb cct and want share the overall bandwidth across all VRF's/sub-
> interfaces as opposed to dedicating specific chunks of bandwidth to
> VRF/interfaces.
> By placing the parent policy on the physical interface with multiple
> policies relating to each of the VRF's.
> My thinking being that traffic will be classified from each vrf to a
> and the child policies with match/police/shape based on the qos-groups.
> Appreciate any guidance/input
> Neil
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