[c-nsp] VPLS capable devices for two sites interconnect

Robert Hass robhass at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 10:52:06 EST 2016

>If it's pure L3 solution you don't really need VPLS nor mLACP.
>You just need two separate links extended via PWs to other site and L3

I forgot to mention that I need to carry 20-40 VLANs over my Layer-3 core
between both sites. It's the reason for this VPLS, OTV or VXLAN...

If mLACP is not supported on ASR920 I stuck with ASR9001...

Active-Active mLACP and VPLS utilizing all links would be very nice.

What about Catalyst 6840 ?
What about VXLANs and Nexus 9300 + vPC ?


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