[c-nsp] asr1001-x : dynamic qos on virtual-template

Harald Kapper hk at kapper.net
Mon Feb 15 09:12:08 EST 2021

well that's not gonna work as the Vi does not really know about the CPEs access bandwidth
and in this case it uses the physical interface bandwidth (eg 1G, 10G,..) as a base.
Good read imho: https://null.53bits.co.uk/index.php?page=adsl-and-lns-shaping-llq
Someone also wrote about dynamic qos for solving the phyiscal speed problem here:
(haven't yet tested this though I'd be interested in some free-radius magic to read
dsl-sync-speeds from LNS radius reply and reinsert those into the qos-parameters)

We apply qos via radius like this:
cisco-avpair += "ip:sub-qos-policy-out=2MBIT"

This has of course to exist at the lns-config:

policy-map 2MBIT
 class class-default
  shape average 2000000

you could also add another service-policy here like:
policy-map 20MVOIP
 class class-default
  shape average 20000000
   service-policy VOIP1M

also voip1m has to be in the config eg:
policy-map VOIP1M
 description VoIP Prio fuer 1Mbit
  bandwidth 100
 class MEDIA
  bandwidth 1000
 class class-default

after all by using shape average there is now a specific value available and you can do percents and a whole lot more like this:

policy-map QOS-SPECIAL
 description some test
 class class-default
  shape average 3500000
   service-policy QOS-SPECIAL-TREE

 description HiPrio for some rdp ssh and a host
  set ip dscp ef
  priority percent 30
  queue-limit 64 packets
 class class-default

class-map match-any CM-SPECIAL
  description special match high-prio by ACL
 match access-group name ACL-SPECIAL

ip access-list extended ACL-SPECIAL
 remark SPECIAL-QoS-ACL example
 permit tcp any any eq 22 3389
 permit tcp any eq 22 3389 any
 remark singlehost prio
 permit tcp host any

hope this helps and if someone has some freeradius magic to share - please do.


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> 100% of the bandwidth of the virtual-access interface linked to the virtual-
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> > On Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 01:51:33PM +0100, BASSAGET Cédric wrote:
> > > policy-map parent
> > >  class class-default
> > >   shape average percent 100
> > >    service-policy child
> >
> > "average percent 100" of... what?
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